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Flowers for you, friend.

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and pulled in many different directions? ⁣

While it’s still hot as the blazes in my neck of the woods, there has been a shift... you can sense that this crescendo of summer is leaning towards fall. ⁣

I feel a longing to soak up the rest and play of summer all the while sensing the subterranean thump of soldiers feet: school schedules and carpools are coming. Unstoppable. I feel tempted to frantically "prepare" by making spreadsheets and buying school supplies — anything to help me feel more in control. ⁣

But. What if the best way we can prepare for all the transitions we are headed into isn’t frantically getting things ready? ⁣

If your brain feels like it has that computer virus that opens pop-up windows, one in front of the other, so fast that you can’t even read what they each say... and before you can know what the next best steps are: you need to reboot. ⁣

Pause in the face of the compulsion to race about. Focus on taking some deep breaths. Notice your surroundings (sit outside and soak up some nature). Once you have reconnected with the present moment and feel connected to your body, can you look into the eyes of those around you and really see them as they are in this moment?⁣

There may be a long list of things to do, but there is still time for staying human and fully alive. There is time for playful connection with those we love. There is time to live a beautiful live now. To see the beauty that is here even with chaos swirling around... there is beauty in the eye of the storm. ⁣

These flowers are for you, friend. Breathe them in and wake up to the beauty around you. ⁣

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