Welcome to Jane Boutwell Studio's latest adventure:

the Growing Creative Fellowship.  


The Growing Creative Fellowship is a place for people to find inspiration,

encouraging community, resources, and a roadmap to foster personal creativity.

This is a place that encourages us to invite the healing power of beauty and creativity into our lives; a place that supports us on the journey of saying no to the resistant force of the inner critic and yes to little opportunities to create instead of simply consuming, to respond to the natural beauty around us and express the beauty within us.

Through small practices, creative habits will develop and blossom into unique self-expression. As creative thinking is exercised you will start to see creative ideas spill into other areas of your life. As you tune out the voices of the inner critic, you will practice an inner monologue that holds the kindness of a friend.  Anyone can practice creativity! It’s a muscle that we can choose to exercise, and the Growing Creative Fellowship

will guide you in how to develop that muscle. 


Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions to provide you

with some more insight on what we're all about! 


Please Note: Our enrollment is currently closed but will reopen Spring 2021.

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