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This is a place that encourages us to invite

the healing power of beauty & creativity into our lives;

a place that supports us on the journey

of saying yes to opportunities to create instead of consume &

no to the resistant force of the inner critic

a place that encourages us to respond to the natural beauty

around us & accept the freedom to express the beauty within us.

The Growing Creative Fellowship is a place for people to find inspiration, encouraging community, resources at their fingertips,

a roadmap to foster personal creativity.

Through small practices, creative habits will develop & blossom

into unique self-expression. Creative ideas will spill into

other areas of your life & you'll start to practice self-compassion

(an inner monologue that holds the kindness of a friend). 

Anyone can practice creativity!

It’s a muscle that we can choose to exercise 

& the Growing Creative Fellowship

will guide you in how to develop that muscle. 

Please Note: Enrollment is now closed but will reopen Spring 2022.

What the Growing Creative Fellowship includes:

Tutorials, Creative Prompts, & Education
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Online Support Group & Membership Hub.pn
Interviews with Artists & Creative Think
Monthly Virtual Gatherings to Connect wi
Boxes of Artist-Curated Supplies & Inspiration.png
What the Growing Creative Fellowship inc

How does the Growing Creative Fellowship work?

The Growing Creative Fellowship provides online tutorials, creative prompts, educational resources, and interviews with various creative thinkers - all through an online platform. Subscription boxes of art supplies and inspiration will be delivered to your door every quarter, and an online support group through our membership platform fosters community to walk alongside you in this creative journey.


Is the Growing Creative Fellowship just for artists?

The Fellowship best supports those who feel as though they have a creative calling - regardless of what field that might be in. While the supplies & monthly tutorials are mostly studio art-focused,  all of the educational portions of the Fellowship are geared toward helping anyone with a dream to do more with their creativity, foster their own personal voice, and practice compassion instead of letting the inner critic keep them stifled.  


We've had painters, writers, business owners, & parents as members. Developing creativity, even if it's in a "medium" other than your own, can help unlock creative freedom in another part of your life & work. Anyone can practice creativity - it’s a muscle that we can choose to exercise, and the Growing Creative Fellowship will guide you in how to develop that muscle. 


How much does the subscription cost?

The membership is priced at $33/month plus shipping ($35.50 total), or get two months free by signing up for our yearly membership plan at $330 plus shipping! 

Does the enrollment and membership fee cover more than one person?

Each account is created under one individual. You are welcome to share any of the digital material within your household, but one Facebook account will be linked to the Facebook group, one account set up with the Membership Hub, and the subscription boxes will only have enough supplies for one person.


Why the Online Membership Form?

Creating new habits and changing mindsets is hard work and best done with the encouragement and accountability of other people on the same journey! We’re better together - so much creativity is born out of collaboration. An online group provides the best platform to foster a community that sparks creativity within each other. The online portion is housed through both Facebook and our membership platform. 

Our membership platform features all of our educational content & a search engine to find any video within our library, while our private Facebook group hosts our online community. 


“If you want to bring a fundamental change in people's belief or behavior, you need to create a community around them where those new beliefs can be practiced and expressed and nurtured.” - Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point

Is there a recommended age for the Growing Creative Fellowship?

We recommend ages 16 and older for members that will be participating in the Facebook community, however, family members of all ages could enjoy learning from the practices provided with the membership. 


Can I join at any time?

Registration will only be open a few times a year in order to create consistency within the community we build. 


Can I cancel at any time?

Please allow two weeks to process. If your cancellation falls within two weeks of the next box shipment, you will still be charged and receive the box for that month.

If you purchase the annual subscription but feel the need to cancel, we will pro-rate & reimburse the remainder of your subscription cost. 

If you have any additional questions that we can answer, drop us an email here and we'll be happy to help in any way we can! 

Please Note: Enrollment is now closed but will reopen Spring 2022. Check back for updates.

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