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From mud pies in the backyard as a child in Macon, Georgia, to clay on the wheel as an art student, my creativity has always been tactile, intuitive, and deeply in touch with nature. Intrigued with ceramics and painting, I earned my BFA in Studio Art at Auburn University.  I taught art postgrad, then focused on my greatest creative accomplishment: being a mother to my four young children.

Recently, I have continued my training as an assistant to renowned painter and instructor Emily Leonard through Arrowmont School of Art, as well as a landscape painting class at Emory University, taught by veteran artist Wayland Moore.  My art has evolved through the years, from designing one-of-a-kind quilts to landscape and floral design, to now producing mixed media, ceramics, and watercolor works for my art studio in the Atlanta area.

I love to guide others toward greater creativity, build creative habits and quiet their inner critic. When I’m not creating in my studio, I love to explore beauty and creativity with my husband, children, and our dog Nina, whether in the garden,  at the beach, or traveling the countryside in Alabama where we have a magical spot in the woods.

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