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The idea of the small cup grew out of my own own frustration with my limitations. The mundane ritual of refilling the small cup by my bathroom sink shifted something in me. I realized my limitations are an invitation to connect and be refilled by my Creator.

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Small Cups, as well as suggestions for refilling your own inner small cup.

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"I wish I had an ocean of energy, strength, & wisdom to pour out all that is needed for those I love, and into the dreams of my own heart. And yet I don't ever have enough to give.


Sometimes I charge forth to conquer the day and I'm convinced that I can do far more than I'm capable of: I think can fill up once and keep going and going and going and pouring out into all the places that need my energy, my attention, my work. As I stand at my bathroom sink holding a very small cup, my heart resonates with a deep knowing that I am the small cup. I can only hold so much at one time.


As I stand at my bathroom sink holding this small cup - it does not quench my thirst - I have to refill it. I turn the faucet on and it fills with water. I drink some more. Again it's empty. And again I turn the faucet on to fill and drink some more. This cup needs to stay right next to the faucet in order to serve its purpose, it must be filled up over and over again. I realize that when I'm willing to embody my identity as a small cup I am recognizing the need to stay close to the True Source. The closer I am to the Source, the more frequently in touch, the more the flavor of that truest refreshing Spirit will linger in all I pour out for others and my work." 

- an excerpt from "The Story of the Small Cup" by Jane Boutwell. 


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ways to refill your small cup . . .

Connect with your Creator through nature :

Connect with yourself through finding rest:

Connect with the world through creativity:


Keeping a sketchbook is a foundational tool for growing your creative practice and simply being more mindfully observant. I've put together an approachable guide for free to help get you started.

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