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Artist Interview

Are you curious to hear more of my story...more about how I am trying to use what I've learned in personal areas of my life to help others grow and heal through art? I was interviewed by Brooke Musterman of the podcast: 'Let's Talk Art With Brooke'. We covered a lot of ground in just 30 minutes!

Go here to listen to the podcast. If reading is easier for you then follow along below. While not a full transcript there are some highlights quoted below.


"When the kids were younger, I was doing things like quilting and knitting - not fine art, so to speak, but I have always needed to create in order to be well."

"I've always had a really hard time just sticking with one thing. I've felt, "why couldn't I just have one thing to specialize in?" But I finally feel like I'm at a point where a variety of things are starting to intermingle and what I know and love from one medium is jumping over and making more of a party in the other one. It's nice to be in a place where it doesn't feel like a lot of different things, it feels like a symphony."

"I've always loved self-expression and beauty and using my hands. I just need to be touching materials and interacting hands-on."

"What I love about painting and ceramics is that it utilizes different intelligences, and you interact with it. I want to create art and beauty that's interacted with and used day to day."

"A thing of beauty is joy forever. It can be a battle to value beauty. It's easy to say "that's vanity, it shouldn't matter what something looks like" but that's the journey I've been on: coming to realize that beauty has healing power. Honest beauty has room for mistakes and authenticity. It's a gritty and imperfect beauty; it's a beauty that feels real."

"In art school there was a pressure to make things that were avant-garde. If you made something that was just beautiful, it almost wasn't important; it didn't have anything important to say. But what I've come to see is that it's not just beautiful, it's honest. And it's a worthy cause. People need more of it in their lives and not just fluff." 

"A lot of people get intimidated by art and don't know what they're "supposed" to think about it. There's not a right or wrong way to engage with art. It's simply 'What does this bring up for you?' "

"The battlelines are drawn in the places that matter, and so the hard things are also the things that are the most beautiful too. You get to choose to be open to the pain of the brokenness in our world and more alive to the beauty. The only other choice is to be numb to both."

"I love to make art, but more than that I love to draw other people into creativity and share that process with them." 

"It clicked with me that membership is the perfect modality for helping people live a creative life. So much of it is building habits, and in order to do that, it takes a little bit at a time, and building a community around you that is doing the same thing." 


Look for 'Let's Talk Art With Brooke' wherever you listen to podcasts to hear all these thoughts connected in our conversation!

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