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Blessing for a Creative Community

May you listen when the Spirit kindles your imagination.

When the Creative Spirit that set the whole universe into being, plants a small seed in your heart - you who are imaged in his likeness - may you tend it well.

May you treat that seed of an idea with tenderness and compassion.

May you have the courage to plant it in your heart and let it grow.

When fear threatens drought, when the weeds of busyness choke it, may you let the Spirit fan the flame of that idea,

May you be faithful to let it grow and bloom with beauty that can reflect your Maker's heart into this world.

May you hold hands with one another in camaraderie, looking into each other's eyes with honesty and the compassion you want to show yourself as well.

When inspiration seems buried under the dark earth like that seed,

May your heart tell you stories of the stars swirling above.

May you look up and find the wonder and worship that reignites the spark.

When your head echoes with voices that demean and harshly criticize, may you recognize them as lies of the Enemy.

May your warrior heart become emboldened to wield your weapons of courageous creativity.

May you look from side to side and see you do not fight this battle alone.

The God of Angel Armies chooses us as His hands and empowers us with His Spirit.

His is the battle - we turn our focus to Him and close our ears to the Enemy.

Play in His presence with the gifts He has given us, in this world of wonder He has made, and shine His light of love through our eyes.

- Jane Boutwell

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