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Wonder Walk/ Worship Walk:

(featured in episode 6 of the Growing Creative Podcast)

LORD, Oh, Great Maker, as we walk through the nature you made, help us stay awake and aware of how it feels to experience this world of wonders.

You designed our bodies to feel and sense this world in particular ways that speak to our hearts, minds, & bodies deep truths about who you are and what you love.

All creation is groaning in a state of warfare… hints of destruction and death brought on by the fall. Yet your love sings louder.

Help us to listen to the music of your beautiful loving design as we feel the security of the ground pressing into our feet, as we feel protected under the cathedral ceiling of outstretched tree limbs.

Help our sense of delight and surprise stay sensitive to the sudden sparkle of a spider’s web intricately twinkling in the dew.

Bring our awareness to how the rustle of leaves, cadence of insect chirp, & the sprinkle of bird song calms & soothes our bodies.

As we feel the soft velvet moss on our palm, the tickle of a caterpillar crawling down our finger, the brush of leaves against our cheeks -- let us know these as kisses from our Maker who smiles with kindness crinkling His eyes when His children play in His wonderland.

We love you Father.


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